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Why Big-Box-Store Cabinets Might Waste Your Money

Although the lower pricetag of non-custom cabinetry from larger, big-box stores can be relatively alluring to a cost-conscious customer, you might end up costing yourself more in the long run.

While buying cabinets from a big-box-store often saves a few hundred dollars initially, customers often find themselves shelling out more money within 5-10 years for the purchase of replacement cabinetry.

Paint chipping, laminate peeling, etc. can leave you feeling frustrated and irritated with your seemingly "good quality," big-box store cabinets.


It's simple.

The materials that are used in big-box store cabinetry are often lacking in durability and strength. Often, these cabinets are fashioned with rudimentary joinery and materials.

The way in which a cabinet is built is CRUCIAL to the way that it will perform over time. It's simple: if the individual pieces of wood are secured together using poor joinery methods, your cabinet will fall apart with regular use.

At KH Woodworks, we utilize high quality material and dovetail joinery in our upper-teir cabinets. This ensures that your custom pieces will stand the test of time. Check out our kitchen pricing options to secure your ideal kitchen design today. Or, view our gallery to see our other custom cabinetry options.

Check out this breakdown of Big-Box Store Cabinetry vs. KH Woodworks Custom Cabinetry.

Big-Box Store Cabinetry

Quality: Baseline to Mid-teir

Quality: Mid-teir to High Quality

Material Used: MDF, furniture board, or solid wood

Material Used: Solid wood, Grade-A Plywood

Accessories: Limited options

Accessories: Many options

Joinery: Butt jointed carcasses attached with plastic clips

Joinery: Dadoed carcasses attached with glue and hidden fasteners

Stains and Colors: Some colors and stain choices

Stains and Colors: Many paint and stain options

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